Limbing axe

Woodworking With Axes: 

Under the pseudonym provided below and in a commercial free environment, I will try to provide correct information, some opinion and insight about axes and working wood with them. The emphasis is on European axes and perspectives revolving around building and making the things around us, crude and refined.

These are my axes – no copy, cut and paste action here (with the necessary and widely spaced, and where helpful occasional exceptions), and while I don’t have call to use them all on a regular basis, it is my practice to have an axe in my hand at some time every day I can and so, these axes are for use, when and as much as I can. It’s not about an addiction, but a systemic and sustainable relationship, not about hunting or camping, archaic battle gear or shined-up wall hangings  but about working with wood on an everyday basis in effective, time-tested and satisfying ways.

There is to my mind  such a perspective lacking in face of the anything goes approach prompted by the rugged individualistic mentality  cropping up and even dominant among all of us picking up an axe, bringing with it all the incorrect thinking and broad generalizations that we are to often confronted with about what is, after the hammer, maybe the oldest tool.


Ernest DuBois

2 thoughts on “Axes

  1. This site has been very interresting to read but as my health has prewented me from doing any serious axe work lately I have though that I did not have much to add to this narrow subject.
    I hope you continue writing!
    Who not expland it to include more other aspects of traditional timber handling and carpentry?

    1. One of my weaknesses that has gotten exposed to me has been no good focus so thanks for this suggestion. Commentary from you or any one is a positive addition but not required. Thanks for sticking in there torleif and hope you are feeling better soon.



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