Protected: Breitaxt, (broadaxe), and Its Bevel

Working With Axes

As we know it by now the breitaxt – sticking with the original German – is crucially a single beveled axe. In our last few meetings it has been about the broad and non-beveled, what I so much like calling, “back-side” of the axe, (but more on that is coming). I have given attention now to this beveled side, one might almost call it the third side that’s been attended to on this refurbishment: As a review I repeat,

1. Edge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA An edge that is no edge.

2. Back-side

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flattening at the back.

3. Bevel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bevel, or the negation of step #1.

I’ll be open about it and put it right up front that I began this bevel work at the water cooled, low rpm, grinding machine. I began even earlier, with the full intention of having the sharpening shop do the initial grind but my lack of faith –…

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