Working With Axes, GBTUT ‘n all that


This website is not like the other websites, It has it’s video archive, and it has a long list of individual articles and its resources page for learning a thing or two about axes and their uses with its searchable data base, all that is there and will be hung out to dry but no longer updated. But as they say, nobody views an outdated blog.

Working With Axes continues in its new ways here.


2 thoughts on “Working With Axes, GBTUT ‘n all that

    1. Hi Jay, you don’t understand, or maybe you do and I just don’t know what you want. With the password you can look at all the old stuff but for the new set-up which I am working on over the coming time you got to request invitation. Do you want a password? Do you want an invitation? Do you want it all?
      To be fair, you and other readers may have asked for that invitation before and as far as I can I will try and transfer that over onto the new website, but to be on the safe side you should send in a(nother) request and then I can even upgrade your status to an “author” as they put it in the administration pages.



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