What else could the final entry be titled? I’m ending the web site, at least as it’s now constituted. As information gets more and more widely spread through this and other channels on the world wide web, the consequences become not only tangible but unpredictable. This is in the nature of things, but I choose not to play a role in the inevitable down side which happens to predominate – the white noise, killing out any hope for a constructive addition, reason or consciousness beyond the gi’me more gi’me more mind-set.

No, better to just back out until the alternative presents itself. Could it possibly be a site where interested readers could get access by logging in? I don’t know. The all to few but nonetheless encouraging signs of serious and well intended positive responses and those where that applies simply looking in should not be forgotten and will hopefully stimulate a more considered alternative.

My parting gesture is the three axes that have been work horses the last while. Some will say they’ve gotten a beating but then say it without knowing the nature of the wood being worked at all. Over time the heads have racked loose and today I took two off, re-seating them further down and put a new handle on the japanese splitter. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA An interesting handle on that one, from European Nettle tree wood, a tree from the family Cannabaceae  so we know its got those good and strong fibers we make use of in every true axe handle wood. It seems to be a promising wood with a lot of resilience. Next to that one is a splitter made in USA with a fine ash handle from wood here in the neighborhood. Finally there is the Collins felling axe I handled with some hickory I got from the lumber yard. Here, the three as you might see them lying there in my work shop till tomorrow when I take them out a splittin’. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So, shortly, Working With Axes: Getting but then Using Them, will be shelved. You might notice the return of some adds now. Appropriate for a dead website don’t you think? It’s been fun.   B.D.S.   E. dB.


13 thoughts on “AXED!

  1. I love both axes and your website! I will always have axes but alas not your website! All the best good wishes to you ! Hope to see you and your axes and your writing of you axe activity soon again; please let me know!

  2. I am so sorry to hear you are shutting down your web site. I have truly enjoyed every page here. Such beautiful photos! Sorry to see you go, I’ve learned so much reading this blog and watching and enjoying your videos. Please let me know if you start up another site. I would like to follow you. You’re truly an inspiration.

  3. I’m sorry to see you go. Although I have not replied because I have had nothing to add to your writings and finding I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your postings. Good luck and best wishes

    Patrick Lund

  4. Well Ernest I am pleased it has been fun for you. You’ve opened my eyes to the diversity of tools for hewing and splitting, I hope working with axes stays around as you have put up a lot of useful information and advice here.
    Cheers Graeme

  5. I’m very sad to hear you are finishing up! I imagine I am one of a multitude who followed you in your work without making comment which I do apologies for. Some positive affirmation is the least you could have expected for your incredibly informitive and inspiring posts.
    I do hope you carry on in another format, whatever that may be, and I pledge to give the feedback I have been thinking but not writing.
    Thankyou for your wonderful blog.
    All the best,
    Bern Chandley

  6. Ernest,
    I’ll miss “Working With Axes”, it has been interesting and informative. All the best to you in all future ventures.

  7. Dear Mr. Dubois,
    I am so sad to hear of your parting with the the website. You have been a constant source of inspiration and at times qualification of what I am doing in the practice of working wood. I hope all is well and I am sorry that I did not write enough as to show my thorough gratitude!.. Thanks so much and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!..We are preparing to move back to Philadelphia from New Mexico…please don’t hesitate to get ahold Of me if you are ever in this great city!..
    Karel Mato. (215)760-3249.

  8. Well as I can see Many others have Found the urge to get out from under the woodwork, So have I. Your website is on my daily check schedule as the information is all very true and inspiring. I have so many questions regarding various axes and their use but have never felt confident in the comments format of the interweb. I will however miss the link to a great source of practical and theoretical information and I hope that there is/will be another way of getting in contact.

    I hope you fare well in your new endeavor!

    Christian Rønne Larsen (Denmark)

    1. I said it was the last entry, but I lied. Because there is one I had already been writing but when its finished you will see it here. I understand the obstacles to interaction, not least, all the differences in languages. Many of the remarks till now express regret for not having piped up and I’m sorry to have indicated any reaction due to spite. It’s not the case and is always my assumption that the one who wants to pipe in will and the one who does not, for any reason, will not, and it’s fine. This idea I want to clear up in all instances.

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